Huion H610 Pro Drawing Pen Graphics Tablet Review

huion h610 pro graphics drawing pen tablet

This is currently the most popular drawing tablet in the world. So many people have bought this device that sometimes it’s hard to even find it for sale (see if it’s available now). The popularity of this tablet is based on three main reasons:


  1. Extremely affordable;

  2. Particularly reliable;

  3. It’s the best tool for a beginner.


While the Huion H610 Pro doesn’t have all the extra add-ons found in more expensive drawing tablets, it offers all the basic features any artist needs to start creating amazing artworks right away.

The drawing area, while not necessarily large, is spread over a reasonable 10 x 6 inches (25,4 x 15,2 centimeters). This size is pretty much the standard when it comes to more affordable drawing tablets and since this one is recommended for beginners or professionals who like to carry a cheap work tool around, the size shouldn’t be much of a concern.

It is worth mentioning that, when it comes to drawing tablets, usually the larger ones are much more comfortable to draw on. That being said, this device is a tool and it should be regarded as such.

What I mean is: every tool has its function.

An extremely expensive drawing tablet isn’t necessarily better; it all depends on what your goals are. You wouldn’t use a chainsaw to cut a small piece of paper, would you?

Of course not!

You would use scissors because they were designed specifically for that purpose.

The same goes for drawing tablets. There’s no need to spend U$3000 buying a high-tech device if you’re just getting started or if you want a cheap tool to carry around on your bag.


What are the main features of the Huion H610 Pro Drawing?


Decent sized drawing area

huion h610 pro graphics drawing pen tablet screen size

10 x 6 inches (25,4 x 15,2 centimeters). Although this is not a particularly large surface, it’s more than enough to create professional artwork;


Rechargeable pen

Just like the pens that come with much more expensive drawing tablets, the Huion H610 Pro pen can be recharged and doesn’t require you to insert any batteries in it.

More important than that, a single charge is enough for more than a week, even if you’re a heavy user.

The pen has a pressure sensitivity of 8192, which allows for very accurate strokes and consequently pretty sharp illustrations and paintings.

You will notice that other tablets on the market come with pens that are said to be better simply because they have even more pressure points. Don’t allow yourself to be misled by those companies.  Even though there are indeed more sensitive pens, the difference is almost nonexistent after the 8000 mark.

What I want to say is: the rechargeable pen that comes with the Huion H610 Pro will work just as well as the others sold by the big brands out there.


Paper-like drawing area

Most of the screenless tablets such as this one try to emulate the feel of paper by adding some roughness to surface area. Although this doesn’t make much of a difference to me, I still think it’s slightly more comfortable than drawing on a glass-like surface, such as the ones found on tablets come with their own screen.



huion h610 pro graphics drawing pen tablet compatibility

This is a very important one! You must pay close attention to this topic in order to avoid buying a drawing tablet that won’t work with your operating system.


The Huion H610 Pro is compatible with 2 different operating systems:


  1. Windows 7 and all the later versions;

  2. Mac OS 10.11 and all the later versions as well.


This doesn’t mean that the tablet won’t work if you try it with earlier versions of these operating systems, but you will be much more likely to come across a whole lot of issues if you decide to take this route.


Special glove for drawing

The tablet comes with a glove that helps your hand slide over the board while you’re drawing. I myself am not a fan of these gloves because I hate the feeling of a piece of cloth constraining my movements, even though this glove doesn’t cover the fingers you use to draw.

This is just my opinion though. A lot of professional artists do use the glove and say that it improves their workflow. This will be your call.

Try the glove, if you like it, use it!


Storage bag

What I truly like about this drawing tablet is that although it’s insanely affordable, you still get many of the little things that most people will have to buy separately elsewhere.

Having a storage bag is definitely a positive aspect. You see, since the bag was designed for this particular device, they work perfectly together. All you need is a couple seconds and you will be ready to leave the house with you tablet.

Now, truth be said, this bag is extremely simple. It doesn’t have a hard cover and it doesn’t do much to protect the drawing tablet, its function is solely taking the device from one place to another. Don’t expect too much from it!


What are the disadvantages of the Huion H610 Pro?

You must have the right operating system (Windows 7 or higher | Mac OS 10.11 or higher) otherwise you’re in for some trouble.

Like I said before, although it’s possible to use it with earlier operating systems, getting things to work can be incredibly frustrating.

The most common glitch you will find in case you try to use it with the wrong operating system is the lack of pen sensitivity. While this is not a huge problem when you’re working with vector-based software like Adobe Illustrator, it’s an absolute nightmare if you have to use Adobe Photoshop.

huion h610 pro graphics drawing pen tablet pen pressure

To make matters worse, Huion has a reputation of offering a very slow customer service. Judging by the amount of tablets they’ve been selling lately, I can only imagine the size of their waiting list for support tickets.


Does this mean that you shouldn’t buy this tablet?

No! You should totally buy it. Just make sure that you have the right operating system installed in your computer.


My opinion about the Huion H610 Pro

I believe that every artist should have at least one cheap drawing tablet at home because, most of the time, you’re not going to want to carry a fragile and utterly expensive electronic device when you have to leave the house last minute or when you decide to go on a trip on the weekend while you still have some work to be done.

The Huion H610 Pro Drawing Tablet is the perfect tablet for these circumstances. You don’t have to worry about dropping it on the floor, letting any liquids fall on it or even forgetting it somewhere because its price is negligible, it really is that cheap (check out the price on Amazon).



If you’re just getting started in the industry or if you want a tablet that you can play with without worrying about damage, this is the best call. It’s unbelievably cheap and it simply gets the job done.

Now let’s create some artwork!

Bruno Santos.

Bruno Brasil

Hi! My name is Bruno. I'm a web developer/designer based in Toronto, Canada. I've been working with drawing tablets for over 20 years and I'm among the Top 10 Most Viewed Writers on Quora in the Graphics Tablets category. Do you have any questions? Just leave a comment =)

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  1. qianwan

    Wow!!! Great review!!! I’m looking for a pen tablet for digital painting .
    Wacom it’s expensive and I am thinking about Huion h610 pro or XP-Pen Deco 01 . can you tell me which one is better . if they do the same I’d rather save some money while I’m at it . thank you in advance .

    1. Bruno Santos


      These two tablets are extremely similar, but I prefer the XP-PEN Deco 01 due to its design.

      Both of them do exactly what’s advertised, so you will be fine either way 🙂

      Have a great day!

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