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The Huion 1060Plus is the most affordable option to the Wacom Intuos. Even though the device feels a little rougher and it’s possible to tell that the materials it’s made of are slightly cheaper, when it comes to performance and user-experience, this drawing tablet is much better than its price suggests.

Huion has made a great job releasing tablets that emulate features found in Wacom devices.

While most of Huion’s graphics tablets that surpass the 200 dollar mark feel remarkably similar to their expensive Wacom counterparts, super-cheap tablets such as the Huion 1060 are obviously made to cost as little as possible.

Huion has created these tablets to give starting artists a chance to work with a drawing tablets even if they do not have much money to spare. The goal here is not to sell a boutique-like fancy product like an iPhone, but to offer functionality inside of a cheap plastic casing.

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Huion 1060Plus Drawing Tablet


Advantages of the Huion 1060 Plus


In most cases, price is what sets Huion apart from the other companies and this is especially true in comparison to Wacom.

As I’ve mentioned numerous times in other posts, Huion’s tablets are not simply affordable, they are affordable while maintaining a quality similar to that of much more expensive graphics tablets.

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I will go into this topic in more detail at the bottom of this post, but all you need to know now is that this drawing tablet will work perfectly well with nearly every computer. As long as you don’t use a rare operating system or a particularly old computer, you won’t have any compatibility issues.

MicroSD Card

Huion 1060Plus 8GB MicroSD Card

Huion came up with a novelty. Now you can store all of your drawings in an 8GB MicroSD card that is connected directly to the tablet. Instead of having to worry about saving your work in the computer and creating a copy of it to carry around, now you can simply save everything in the tablet.

As long as you have your tablet with you, it’s going to be possible to continue working on your projects.

Pen Pressure Sensitivity

The pen that comes with this tablet offers the highest possible pen pressure sensitivity currently available in the market, 8192 levels. I always say that anything from 2048 levels and above is more than enough for you to create professional-grade artwork. Regardless of that, you can be sure that by purchasing this Huion graphics tablet you’re getting all the pressure sensitivity you could ask for.

Transparent Tracing Layer

This is simply a transparent textured plastic-like tracing paper that can be placed on top of the active drawing area. If you need to trace any of your drawings before working on the, simply place them between the tablet and this transparent tracing paper and you’re good to go.

Tracing like this is not how I work. I prefer to take a picture of my drawings and uploading them to the computer. That said, there are many artists who like to trace over drawings that they’ve made and Huion has decided to make this process much easier.

Not only does the drawing tablet comes with this feature, but it also comes with extra tracing papers in case you damage the first one or loses it somehow.

Disadvantages of the Huion 1060 Plus

Drawing Area Size

10 x 6.25 inches is the size of the active drawing area (this is what really matters). While it’s not super small, it’s still smaller than the smallest Wacom Intuos tablet.

I belive that this is one of the few aspects in which I can say that the Wacom Intuos is objectively superior to the Huion 1060 Plus. When it comes to active drawing area size I’m very picky and prefer to draw with larger devices. While the difference between both tablet series is almost negligible, it still exists.

Pen Tilt Function

You simply cannot tilt the pen while drawing with this pen. Actually, you can tilt it, but it won’t affect the look of the lines you’re creating.

I consider this to be a major flaw since drawing tablets are supposed to emulate real-life drawing materials. We’re all used to tilt our pens and pencils while drawing, it’s a shame that some digital pens do not have this feature.

This is perhaps the biggest flaw of this drawing tablet.

Pen Needs to Be Charged

Huion 1060Plus pen charger

I’m completely against pens that come with replaceable batteries. This is a technology from the past and should stay there. However, I’m still OK with rechargeable pens because you only need to charge them once a week.

This drawing tablet comes with a regular rechargeable pen. While this is not as good as pens that don’t ever need to be charged (which most Wacom products come with), it’s good enough. Especially if you take into consideration the substantial amount of money you will be saving when you get a Huion device instead of a Wacom.


Huion cares a great deal about compatibility issue. They go the extra mile to make sure that their tablets will tun on virstually any machine you connect them to (with the clear exception of Linux-based devices).

The company states that the Huion H1060 Plus in particular works perfectly when interacting with the operating systems below:

Operating System Compatibility



Windows XPMac 10.7

or any other higher version

Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10

If the operating system you’re currently using is not mentioned on the list above, this doesn’t necessarily mean that this drawing tablet won’t work on your computer. This list simply contains the systems that are optimized to work with the Huion H1060 Plus, it’s still possible that other Windows and Mac versions are capable of handling all your drawing tablets’ needs without any major problems.

Now that we have discussed the operating system compatibility issue, it’s important to mention another particularly important compatibility aspect that all artists and designers think about before deciding to purchase a drawing device: image-based software compatibility.

Take a look at the table below to understand exactly what I’m saying:

Huion H6010 Plus Software Compatibility

Adobe PhotoshopPicture editing and 2D art in generalCompatible
Adobe IllustratorVector images, particularly logos and illustrationsCompatible
Adobe InDesignPublishing and page layout-edittingCompatible
Corel DrawVector images, it has nearly the same functions if Adobe IlustratorCompatible
Affinity Designer2D art. Similar to Phtoshop, but slightly more intuitiveCompatible
Macromedia FlashAnimationsCompatible
3D Studio Max3D modelling and animationCompatible
Maya3D modelling and animationCompatible
ZBrushUltra-detailed 3D modellingCompatible

The Huion H1060 Plus will work with virtually every image-related software you want I still haven’t come across a software or an app that won’t accept this drawing device, with the clear exception of those apps created specifically for the iPad.

Does the Huion 1060 Plus cheap materials affect its quality?

Only to a certain extent.

If your main goal is to draw, this device will allow you to do just that. It works exactly as advertised and it’s not necessarily inferior to a Wacom Intuos on what matters the most, which is functionality.

That said, one thing can be easily noticed when you buy a Huion 1060: the company really doesn’t try to make the tablet look fancy. The box is a standard version of all the cheap devices sold by Huion and the drawing tablet itself is remarkably similar to many other tablets sold by the company.

While Wacom puts a considerable amount of effort into its product boxes and design, Huion is more geared towards mass production and fast sales.

One thing I really like about Wacom drawing tablets is that they are made of a rubber-like material that feels very comfortable to the touch. Huion is not that worried about that sort of thing, the non-active area of their drawing tablets are made of pure plastic, it’s textured, but plastic nonetheless.

Technical Specs

For those of you who are more technical and would like to know everything this tablet has to offer, check the specifications below:

Huion 1060Plus Technical Specifications

Dimensions (Size)14.2 x 9.4 x 0.4 inches
Active Drawing Area Size10 x 6.25 inches
Pen Pressure Sensitivity8192 levels
Tilt FunctionNo
Wireless ConnectivityNo
Weight770 g
Express Keys12 customizable keys

The Pen (Stylus)

The stylus that comes with the Huion 1060Plus is not necessarily the best in the world, it misses some points here and there, but it’s still good enough for professional use. Please check the information below to understand the good and the not-so-good aspects of this pen:

Huion 1060Plus Stylus(pen)

Pressure Sensitivity Levels8192
BatteriesHas built-in batteries that need to be charged
Tilt functionNo
Buttons2 buttons, one customizable and another that works as an eraser by default
Tip (nib)Hard with low deformity

Looks and Design

huion 1060plus tablet

Huion is a mass-production company. They’ve come a long way since they released their first products and I’m completely sure that we will see amazing product and packaging design coming from them within the next few years, but right now they’re still behind Wacom.

Wacom’s products are simply at another league. Their packaging is fantastic and usually displays artworks that scream creativity. Shopping for a Wacom drawing tablet is a fun activity, just by looking at the boxes you feel like buying them all.

The drawing tablets also look better than those of Huion and even in the cases when they look similar, Wacom devices feel heavier and you can immediately tell that the materials are better.

The argument used by most people that use Huion tablets is that they don’t care about packaging or fancy looks, they simply want a device that works properly. I believe that this is a very reasonable argument and I totally agree with it.

Of course that it’s nice to have great looking boxes and a device that feels comfortable to the touch, but at the end of the day not having these features is definitely not a deal-breaker.

What Comes in The Box

Here’s the list of items you will find as soon as you open your brand-new Huion 1060Plus box:


Huion 1060Plus Box Content

Drawing Tablet with an 8GB MicroSD Card
Rechargeable Digital Pen
Pen (stylus) Stand
USB Cable (tablet to computer connection)
USB Cable (pen to tablet connection for charging)
Drawing Glove
Bag to Carry Tablet
User Manual


Is a Wacom Intuos better than a Huion 1060 Plus drawing tablet?

If you look at the products as a whole, the Wacom Intuos is nicer. Simply by looking at the box you can feel that a lot of thought was put into everything.

The imagery attached to the Wacom Intuos series is unmatched. The cheerful illustrations on the cover, the carefully selected fonts and the user-experience even before turning the device on is definitely what sets Wacom apart from Huion.

If I were to receive a drawing tablet as a present, I would definitely prefer a Wacom Intuos simply because it feels more like a present than a work tool.

Putting these details aside, both Wacom Intuos and Huion 1060 Plus perform exactly the same tasks almost the same way. It’s safe to say that the difference in performance is almost negligible.



The Huion 1060Plus is not one of those products that impresses its users, but it does everything it promises; besides, it works particularly well.

So if you’re looking for raw functionality and an honest price, you can’t go wrong with this drawing tablet.

As long as you’re not particularly worried about product and packaging design, this graphics tablet is an incredible alternative to the traditional Wacom Intuos and I highly recommend it, especially to those who are just getting started.

If you have any other questions, make sure to leave a message.

Take care and keep on creating!


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