Do Stylus Pens Work With Screen Protectors?

You went ahead and bought yourself a tablet that has a screen, a great investment, and now you want to keep it protected and intact for as long as possible.

You’re considering whether you should buy a screen protector for your device. But the thing is, you’ve also got a stylus pen for your tablet.

So now you’re probably wondering… will your stylus pen still work with a screen protector covering your tablet’s screen?

The short answer is, yes, it will still work. Manufacturers create screen protectors and styluses in such a way that you can still effectively take notes on your iPad without a problem.

What kind of stylus pens work best with a screen protector?

Adonit Dash 3 stylus
Adonit Dash 3

If you have a basic capacitive stylus pen — the one with the rounded ball tip — will work perfectly fine. Although, it would be better if you had a glass screen protector instead of a plastic one.

The plastic screen protector may prevent the pen from flowing properly, plus the stylus pen itself might leave marks on it.

A Wacom style pen with a pointed tip also works just fine with a screen protector. Again, it will work best with a glass screen protector.

If you happen to have a plastic one, you will notice pen marks all over it, especially since the stylus pen’s tip is pointed.

Which is the optimal screen protector option for a stylus pen?

Dragon Touch K10 drawing tablet being used

Both plastic and glass screen protectors are fine to use when you’re using your iPad, drawing tablet or a smartphone with a stylus pen. The only difference is that one option is slightly better than the other.

Since tablets that have a screen are substantially more expensive than their screen-less counterparts, getting the best possible screen protector is definitely recommended.

I mean, why would you spend hundreds of dollars buying an iPad Pro, for example, and then save only a few dollars purchasing a low-quality screen protector?

Now that you have a great tablet, do yourself a favor and buy the best screen protector you can find. High-end tablets are supposed to last for a long time, but they’re only fun to work with when the screen is pristine.

That being said, it’s also important to mention that there might be some drawbacks to using both a screen protector and a stylus pen.

Some issues that you should keep in mind

Yes, the stylus can work fine with a screen protector, but you can expect some minor drawbacks.

For example, there might be a slight touch sensitivity loss. If that bothers you, you have the option to increase the sensitivity, always depending on what device you’re using.

Also, when you add a screen protector it will not reduce the functionality of the pen, but you may find that the tip isn’t always aligned with the brush in the drawing software. This means that there is some degree of stylus accuracy loss, even if it’s barely noticeable.

The biggest issue that other users have been reporting is that while using a screen protector, you won’t be able to work very well with your fingertips as there will be a significant loss in touch sensitivity.

Final Thoughts on Styluses and Screen Protectors

Apple Pencil (Second Generation)
Apple Pencil (Second Generation)

Screen protectors are very effective at protecting tablets, but it’s important that you do consider possible drawbacks.

My tip to you would be: get the best screen protector you can find and get a professional to apply it for you. This is important because if you don’t have the skills, there will be countless tiny bubbles of air caught between the screen and the thin proctor layer. Once this is done, give your tablet a try for a few days.

Remember, you can always remove the screen protector later on in case you don’t like the result.

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