Top 5 Free Animation Apps For Chromebook

For those who haven’t crossed paths with a Chromebook before or even heard of it, a Chromebook is basically a tablet or laptop. Here is a list of the Best Chromebooks for Drawing.

The difference between a regular laptop and a Chromebook is that Chromebooks’ operating system is Linux-based Chrome. The devices of this variety are used to perform tasks with the help of the Google Chrome browser in the machine, with most of its applications and data being kept in the cloud. The majority of the files created through the apps will not be stored within the device.

Chromebooks can be used to perform basic, lightweight processes and are perfect if you need something to utilize when you want to stream videos, browse the internet, or play games.

For artists and animators alike, this device can be helpful in the creation of both 2D and 3D animations, as long as they are not too complex. After downloading the right apps, it’s possible make videos for multiple uses, such as work-related projects, school assignments and so on.

Here are the best free options you could try out.

  1. PowToon
  2. Toontastic 3D
  3. Scratch
  4. Clarisketch
  5. WeVideo


PowToon interface

PowToon is a widely known platform that can be used to create animated videos. With this application, you have the ability to make visually attractive projects ranging from simple to professional, with a variety of uses.

If your videos are to serve an educational purpose or a marketing function, there are almost no restrictions on what can be done. It is an easy tool for students too, allowing them to bring animations to life by compiling a series of slides to provide a scene-by-scene rundown of the story they wish to tell.

Some features allow the creator to insert background music or even voice-overs, making it one of the best options for making fast animated videos.

Toontastic 3D

Toontastic 3D

Toontastic is a free software can be used on any Chromebook device, as long as they run Android apps. Toontastic is a versatile application that is not restricted to a particular type of user. No matter who you are or want to be, a director, an inventor, an author, if you have a story to tell, Toontastic will help you do that.

You can create 3D characters, use photos, and with the help of the app’s story arc feature, it’s even possible to map out the whole plot of your story before starting production.


Scracth animation and coding app

Scratch is perfect for young children who need to learn the basics of programming. It’s a mix of coding and storytelling. It is one of the simplest means of programming and aids young people develop a habit of creative thinking, systematic reasoning, and collaborative work. With this software, you can program engaging and interactive games, stories, and animations.

The best part is its simplicity, it’s almost as easy as playing with legos, literally.

Thanks to its block-based visual components creators just need to select blocks that match whatever instruction they would like their program to carry out, drag it, and drop it on the canvas.


Clarisketch is a rather exciting approach to animating videos. It works by combining photos, drawings, and speech into an animated sketch that can be used however you want. It’s also very user-friendly. All you have to do is drawing and talking (there is a feature that records your voice while you draw), and that’s pretty much it.


This is another great chrome app to consider, as you can useWeVideo to both make and edit videos. This software comes with three three-editing modules.

  1. Timeline
  2. Storyboard
  3. Advanced mode

This app is integrated with well-known sites like Google Drive and Dropbox, making it easy for you to work on graphic files, pictures, and videos that were previously uploaded there. With WeVideo, creators are given a chance to make whatever story they have memorable. Its editing toolbox allows the user to insert text, voice-over recordings, music, transition effects and professional themes, the possibilities to to create videos are endless.


Nowadays, videos are becoming the most important assets when it comes to entertainment, education and even the internet as a whole. With the right tools, you can engage with people, generate more interest and attention to what you have to say. These apps are a great way for you to start bringing your ideas to life.

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Bruno Santos

Bruno Brasil

Hi! My name is Bruno. I'm a web developer/designer based in Toronto, Canada. I've been working with drawing tablets for over 20 years and I'm among the Top 10 Most Viewed Writers on Quora in the Graphics Tablets category. Do you have any questions? Just leave a comment =)

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  1. jaxon

    thank you

  2. Ellen

    Hi, my name is Ellen and I have a few questions.

    First of all is: Why does Chromebook not have Blender?

    2nd of all: In your opinion, do you think PowToon is the best?

    And last: Can you download your creations to YouTube?

    1. Bruno Brasil

      Hi Ellen,

      1) Chromebooks are meant to be used with simple apps, not complex software like Blender, 3D Studio, Maya and so on.
      2) When it comes to animation, I prefer to use professional-grade software like Adobe After Effects.
      3) Yes! You can upload your animations to YouTube.

      Thanks for leaving a comment =)

  3. Ahkiera

    these look a bit childish.

    1. Bruno Santos

      Hi Ahkiera,

      Chromebooks are way too limited for heavy professional-grade software.

      In case you’re interested in animating professionally, make sure to check Adobe After Effects, it’s a good start for 2D animation.

  4. abbigail

    its cool

  5. Jen

    Hi. I want to add simple animations to drawings in my art class. something like having a figure move within a drawing or painting or a bird flying across the drawing. Which of these would be the best?

    1. Bruno Brasil

      Hi Jen,

      I encourage you to give each one a try and see for yourself which app better suits or needs.
      Since you’re taking art classes, I’d definitely recommend you start looking for more professional options, like Adobe After Effects.

  6. Shantelle Gibson

    Hi I just got a new chromebook and I wanted to start makeing short animations what would be the best free beginner friendly animation app for chrome book

    1. Bruno Brasil

      Hi Shantelle,

      It really depends on your preferences. If I were you, I would simply download all of the apps from the list and give each one a few minutes. Once you get started, it will be easy to see which interface makes more sense to you.

  7. Megan

    My chrome book is a couple years old and it’s a lab top. Can my son use any of the apps you discussed above on it with a mouse? Do I need a tablet for these apps with a pen? I’m not very savvy with this subject but he’s very interested in animation?! Please help!

    1. Bruno Brasil

      Hi Megan,

      There’s absolutely nothing stopping your son from using animation apps with a mouse, but it’s really not the right tool for the task.
      Let me try to make an analogy here…let’s suppose you had to dig a hole, a deep one. Could you do it with a spoon? Maybe! But it would make much more sense to use the appropriate tool, which would be a shovel.
      Animating with a mouse is an unbelievable waste of precious time. Getting a simple drawing tablet such as the Inspiroy Ink would be a smart investment for you and your son.

      Before I forget, you should get a good laptop or a desktop computer. Using Chromebooks for drawing is perfectly fine, but far from ideal.

      Thanks for leaving a comment! =)

  8. Asher

    I like Toon Tastic

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