Android Versus Windows Tablet, Which One Should You Buy?

Windows tablets are compatible with any Windows 10 software, and also with all Android apps, therefore they are a better option. Owning one of these tablets is equivalent to having two different tablets with two completely diverse operating systems, this is a best of both worlds scenario.

Before 2020, tablets could be classified according to their operating system. There were:

Operating SystemTablets
iOSApple (iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini)
AndroidSamsung, Lenovo, Huawei, Winnovo among other brands.
WindowsMiscrosoft (Surface Pro, Surface Book, among others)

Now, things have significantly changed because Microsoft has decided to support Android apps as well. This new twist has effectively eliminated the reason to buy Android tablets simply for the apps.

Of course, you may still decide to get an Android tablet because you like its technical specifications, like the processor, the storage capacity and so on.

However, as the owner of multiple tablets from different manufacturers, I can safely say that the ones sold by Microsoft (and therefore Windows based) are usually superior.

Why Windows Tablets Are Better?

It is possible to install any Windows compatible software in these tablets.

Every major company releases their software primarily for Windows, therefore it does not matter if you need a program to write, to draw, to record audio, to edit video or to play games, there is always a state-of-the art option for Windows.

Android tablets, on the other hand, are limited to apps, which are usually simplified versions of software that exist for Windows.

While nowadays there are some apps that are developed specifically for Android, due to Windows’ recent updates, they can also be installed in a Windows tablet without issues.

Why Are Windows Software Better Than Android Apps?

Software are complex programs that always have more options and resources than their app counterparts. Since Android tablets tend to be less powerful and have smaller storage capacity, apps usually maintain only the most important features found in full-blown software.

The best example is Adobe Illustrator. This is a vector illustration software that has been Windows compatible since its inception decades ago. This is the leading software of its kind in the world, it does absolutely everything this kind of program should do, it has all the options and all the nuances an artist may need while working.

Best drawing tablet for Illustrator

However, in order to release a product specifically for Android, Adobe had to cut a number of features and only keep the essential, this is how Adobe Draw was born. It is basically a simplified version of Adobe Illustrator.

Do Android Tablets Have any Advantages?

There are far more tablets based on Android than on Windows.

Nearly every tablet that runs on the Windows operating system is manufacturer by Microsoft. Sure, there are exceptions, but this is the rule. Since Microsoft has the monopoly over its operating system, their tablets tend to be more expensive. They are also better, but the price aspect cannot be ignored.

Since more tablet manufacturers used the Android operating system, there are more options to choose from when it comes to screen size, processor, storage capacity, accessories support and, most importantly price.

While Samsung is the most popular company selling Android tablets, you can still get them from Vankyyo, Lenovo, Winnovo, Huawei and so on.

What is the Best Windows Tablet?

The best Windows tablet for most people is the Windows Surface Pro 7. I have written a whole post about Windows tablets (click here to read it), it’s a good idea to read it before deciding which one to get.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7
Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Here is a list of reasons why the Windows Surface Pro 7 (click here to see price on Amazon) is the best option:

  1. Affordable price
  2. High performance processor
  3. Large storage capacity
  4. Huge screen
  5. Stylus (digital pen) support
  6. Keyboard support
  7. Mouse support
  8. Multiple USB ports
  9. Slim design
  10. Windows 10 operating system

Here are the Technical Specifications of the Windows Surface Pro 7

Microsoft Surface Pro 7
Screen Size12.3 inches
Processor8th Gen Intel Core i7 or i5
Internal Memory1TB SSD, 512GB SSD, 256GB SSD
Digital Pen (Stylus)Surface Pen
Battery Life 10.5 hours
USB PortsTwo USB 3.0 ports
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home

The only common complain about this tablet is that fact that its predecessor, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6, was so good that this new version was not a substantial improvement.

Other than that, this tablet has everything users need. I have also written a post dedicated to other great Samsung tablets.

What is the Best Android Tablet?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 comes at the very top when it comes to customer satisfaction (click here to read reviews on Amazon).

There are literally dozens of options of Android tablets. Everything from extremely cheap devices that are only good for YouTube, Netflix and simple games, to expensive tablet that care capable of competing with Microsoft and Apple’s products. Here is a list of the best Samsung tablets.

The good thing about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is that it is a well-balanced alternative. This is by no means a cheap tablet, but its technical specifications are in line with its price (click here to see it on Amazon).

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Here are some of the characteristics that make the Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 a good Android option:

  1. Powerful processor
  2. microSD support for external memory
  3. Battery life (over 15 hours on a single recharge)
  4. Keyboard support
  5. Stylus (S Pen) support
  6. Portability

These are the Technical Specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
Screen Size10.5 inches
Internal Memory128 GB or 256 GB
External MemorymicroSD up to 1TB
Digital Pen (Stylus)S-Pen
Battery Life 15 hours
Operating SystemAndroid

There are many disposable Android tablets, many manufacturers only want to make a quick buck and are willing to sell junk. Samsung, on the other hand, is a reputed company and always brings new elements to its products.

This tablet is a solid option for those who want to have an Android tablet and I honestly do not think there is a better option currently.

Which Tablet Should You Get? The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6?

Due to the fact that the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has both Windows software and Android apps, there is not much of a competition.

The only good reason to pick the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is the fact that it is a smaller device and therefore can be carried around more easily.

Since I believe most people would choose a larger screen over portability, Microsoft is the winner this time.

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