Top 3 Best Windows Tablets

Recently, Windows tablets have gone through the biggest upgrade in history. Because of this, devices that run this operating system will most likely shoot up in popularity and relevance.

Let me explain it to you. There are three main operating systems in the tablet market:

  1. iOS (Apple)
  2. Android (Google)
  3. Windows (Microsoft)

Up until now, most tablet would either run on Apple’s operating system (pre-installed on the iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini) or on Google’s Android (Samsung’s tablets and nearly every other tablet from less famous brands).

Then Microsoft decided to enter the market and sell their own tablets, which run on the most used operating system in the world, Windows.

Since the beginning, Microsoft tablets had an advantage over Apple’s and all the others running Android because Windows tablets don’t use apps (which are simplified versions of more complex software), but full-software just like the ones installed in desktop computers.

Every software that works on your home computer, say Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, will also work on a Microsoft tablet because they use precisely the same operating system, Windows.

Up until this point, Microsoft already had an advantage, but this year the gap between Windows tablets and the others grew even larger because Microsoft has announced that their tablets can also run Android apps.

Why does it matter that Microsoft tablets can also run Android apps?

Because those who have a Microsoft tablet can now have access to every single software that runs on Windows, plus all the apps made for Android.

It’s like having two tablets in one.

Now that it’s clear than owning a Windows tablet is the best option for most people, let’s get to what really matters.

Here is the list of the best Windows tablets.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Brand preference aside, this is the best tablet in the market today. Although it’s not the most powerful one, it’s definitely the best deal if you take price into consideration.

A similar tablet from a different brand will cost significantly more without the obvious advantage of running Windows while also being able of handling Android apps.

To make things clear, while Apple tablets are fantastic for entertainment and some work-related tasks, a device like the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is great for both activities.

It’s just as useful as a desktop computer and depending on the technical specifications you choose at the time of purchase; it can be even better than the computer you have at home. The only differences will be the touch-screen and the fact that it will be much easier to carry it around.

The characteristic that sets Microsoft tablets apart from other products is the fact that they’re much more customizable. You get to choose, the color, the storage capacity, the memory, the processor and sometimes even the software package that comes with the tablet.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7
Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Technical Specifications

Microsoft Surface Pro 7
Screen Size12.3 inches
Processor8th Gen Intel Core i7 or i5
Internal Memory1TB SSD, 512GB SSD, 256GB SSD
Digital Pen (Stylus)Surface Pen
Battery Life 10.5 hours
USB PortsTwo USB 3.0 ports
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home

Positive Features of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Operating System

This tablet comes with Windows 10 Home, which is undoubtedly the most widely used operating system in the world.

If you own a computer, you surely know how to use Windows 10 and perhaps even how to troubleshoot any eventual bugs that might arise after long-term use.


I would not say this tablet is cheap, but for the number of features and computing power, this is an excellent deal.

For someone who spends entire days in front of a computer, entertainment units are not good enough, I need something that allows me to work and to be productive. So far, I have not found a better option than this tablet/computer.


Before placing an order, you get several options to choose from:

  • Storage capacity: 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB or 1TB
  • Ram: 4 GB, 8 GB or 16 GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7
  • Color: Matte Black or Platinum

Of course, the better the specifications you pick, the more expensive it’s going to cost. That’s why there is such a wide range when it comes to price.

That said, the most basic version of this tablet is already pretty good, but it does not cost too much.

Negative Aspects of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7


Some people prefer the tablet/computer that came right before this one, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6.

The main argument is that this new version is more expensive, but not substantially better than its predecessor.

I think this opinion is somewhat valid because even though the Surface Pro 7 is, indeed, better than the Surface Pro 6, I could not easily tell the difference in performance between them.

Microsoft Surface Book 2

The fastest, most powerful, and most expensive tablet/computer from this list. The Microsoft Surface Book 2 is ideal for professionals, especially those who need to do resource-intensive computer tasks, such as editing large video files, rendering 3D characters and short animations.

Even though this tablet is perfect for entertainment purposes, since its larger-than-average screen makes it the best option among tablets to play games and watch videos on, its price tag tends to keep most people away.

Although I am sure that anyone would rather have the Surface Book 2 over any other tablet, unless there is a work-related reason for purchasing this device, it would be hard to justify such a hefty investment.

This tablet has everything one could want in a computer: huge screen, powerful processor, large storage, keyboard support, stylus (digital pen) support, among others. On top of that, it can run any software compatible with Windows 10, plus all Android apps.

Microsoft Surface Book 2
Microsoft Surface Book 2

 Technical Specifications

Microsoft Surface Book 2
Screen Size15 inches
ProcessorIntel 7th Gen Core i5 or Intel 8th Gen Core i7 (quad-core)
Internal Memory512GB, or 1TB SSD 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB PCIe SSD
Digital Pen (Stylus)Surface Pen
Battery Life 17 hours
USB PortsThree USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0 port
Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro

Positive Features of the Microsoft Surface Book 2

Screen Size

The screen is humongous for a tablet. At 15 inches, currently there is no larger option in the market. Not only is it large, but the quality of the screen is also remarkable. Crisp colors and deep-rich blacks make this tablet a great tool for visualizing subtle nuances that are so useful for video production.

Since this a large device, I would not recommend carrying it around on a daily basis as people do with the much smaller iPad. While the Microsoft Surface Book 2 was made to be transported easily, I would not recommend taking it everywhere because large screens tend to crack easily.

Stylus (Digital Pen) Support

Microsoft Surface Book 2 has full stylus support.

I no longer recommend high-end tablets that do not support digital pens. I believe the market has matured to the point in which every tablet manufacturer already knows that customers are not interested in getting a device that does not support a critical component such as the stylus.

You would not buy a desktop computer that couldn’t be used with a mouse, would you?

At this day and age, a stylus is a fundamental piece of hardware for several applications. A tablet that cannot be used with a stylus, by definition, is less useful than one that does.

Numerous applications such as Photoshop Express, Adobe Draw and Procreate simply cannot be used without a stylus.

Battery Life

17 hours of video playback. This is what the tablet is capable of. Since most of us will not sit in front of a tablet for that long (I know, I know… some of us will) it would be fair to say that the battery lasts for an entire day.

However, the more resource-intensive the tasks are, the faster the battery will be drained.

Rendering video and animations will dramatically impact the amount of time this tablet can last on a single charge. Keep this in mind before buying.

That said, you will not find a battery that lasts longer than this in any other similar devices.

Negative Aspects of the Microsoft Surface Book 2


Currently, this is among the most expensive tablets. Even its most basic version is still out of reach for most people.

Again, if you need a tablet for work reasons, the price is justifiable, for all other cases, I consider such a powerful machine overkill.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

This is considered by many the best tablet ever released by Microsoft. Although its newer version, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7, has been incredibly well-received, many still claim that the Surface Pro 6 is a better alternative because it’s more affordable and almost as good as the new one.

I have extensively used this tablet and can vouch for its quality. I like almost everything about it, it’s fast and hardly ever displays unusual behavior.

Since its operating system is Windows 10, the most attacked in the world, it is more prone to viruses than an Apple tablet. That said, as long as you keep away from shady websites and avoid installing software from unknown sources, everything should work smoothly.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 photographer tablet

Technical Specifications

Microsoft Surface Pro 6
Screen Size12.3 inches
ProcessorIntel Core 8th Gen i5 or i7
Internal Memory128 GB, 256 GB, 512, 1TB
External MemorymicroSD up to 1TB
Digital Pen (Stylus)Surface Pen
Battery Life 13.5 hours
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home

Positive Features of the Microsoft Surface Pro 6


Just like the Surface Pro 7, this tablet is highly customizable. It’s possible to choose its storage capacity, Ram, color and processor.

You get to tailor the device to your own needs, which is great because it allows you to invest in those characteristics you value the most.


Cheaper than the Surface Pro 7, even though it’s not as powerful, the difference in performance seems minimal.

I have a lot more experience using the Surface Pro 6 than the Surface Pro 7, but from my own observations they are both quite similar. Perhaps if I had worked with the newer version for a little longer, I would have been able to identify its advantages more clearly.

Either way, for an average person that needs a tablet for entertainment reasons and to get work done (apart from video rendering), this one works really well.


At 1.7 pounds, this tablet is both slim and light. In fact, it’s amazing that Microsoft was able to pack so much power in so little space.

Just make sure not to drop it because a single accident like this is enough to render this tablet completely useless.

Which Windows Tablet Should You Get?

For most people, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is the best option because it’s affordable and powerful at the same time. 

For those who need something just a little nimbler, a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 would make sense, but I would still look carefully into it to make sure that the Surface Pro 6 isn’t enough.

Now, if you are a video producer, a 3D artist, an animator and have deep pockets, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 is a killer device. It has absolutely everything you could ask for in a tablet, but you need to look at it as an investment, because this is precisely what it is.

Do you have any questions? Please, leave me a message! I love reading comments.

Keep on creating!

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