How Much Does It Cost to Fix an Apple Pencil?

Apple Pencils are covered by AppleCare, which is a warranty that lasts for 12 months. Both Apple Pencil (First Generation) and Apple Pencil (Second Generation) can be fixed for $29 as long as they are still under the warranty period. After the warranty expires, the price for fixing Apple Pencils change dramatically. It costs $79 to fix the First Generation one, while the Second Generation carries the much steeper price tag of $109.

Check out the table below to understand to visualize it:

First GenerationSecond Generation
Under Warranty Repair Price : $29Under Warranty Repair Price : $29
Out-of-Warranty Repair Price : $79Under Warranty Repair Price :$79

Make sure to read this article about refurbished Apple Pencils before making a decision.

Is It Worth It Fixing an Apple Pencil First Generation?

If your Apple Pencil (First Generation) is still under the warranty period, it’s still a good idea to get it fixed by Apple.  After all, 29 dollars is quite cheap, and Apple wouldn’t dare stain their brand-name by doing a bad job at such a trivial job such as this one.

However, in case your AppleCare warranty has already expired, you would have to pay 79 dollars to repair the Apple Pencil, and I can guarantee you that this is absolutely not worth it.

A brand-new Apple Pencil (First Generation) is only about 20 dollars more expensive than what you would pay to fix your damaged device and you can still get it much faster.

Think about it, in order to have the Pencil fixed, you have to take the time to send it to Apple, they wait for them to fix it and then wait for them to send it back to you.

All of this work to save 20 dollars! Not worth it!

Buy a new one and you might receive it the next day through Amazon.

(Check price on Amazon)

Apple Pencil (First Generation)
Apple Pencil (First Generation)

Is It Worth It Fixing an Apple Pencil Second Generation?

Again, if the stylus is still protected by the AppleCare warranty, paying only 29 dollars to get it fixed is a steal. Since this Apple Pencil is considerably more expensive than the other, simply go ahead and make good use of your warranty.

Now, if the warranty has expired, do yourself a favor and buy a new Apple Pencil (Second Generation).

Paying 109 dollars to have a stylus repaired is absolutely ridiculous and you should not accept this.

Even though the Apple Pencil (Second Generation) is my favorite stylus in the world, I still think that Apple is out of its mind to charge this much to fix it.

I’m sure you value your time and your money. Be smart about it.

Go to Amazon and buy a new one.

(Check price on Amazon)

Apple Pencil (Second Generation)
Apple Pencil (Second Generation)


Apple is a fantastic company, but their prices for out-of-warranty repairs simply defy logic. It’s not reasonable to ask someone to pay upwards of 65% of the price of a brand-new device to get a damaged one fixed.

The bottom line is, if your Apple Pencil has been bought within the past 12 months and it’s still under AppleCare, go ahead and heave it repaired. And I only say this because it’s really cheap. Otherwise, just go ahead and buy a new one.

I have a very strong opinion about refurbished iPads and refurbished Apple Pencils, and I always prefer to choose brand-new products over renewed ones.

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