Is the iPad Pro waterproof?

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No. Neither the iPad Pro nor the iPad are waterproof.

This does not mean that these tablets will get permanently damaged simply by being exposed to some water, like light rain. Both devices will be able handle a little bit of water without problems. You should only worry about scenarios in which the iPad Pro is completely submerged.

To be even more accurate, even complete submersion might not destroy the iPad as long as the device is immediately removed from the water. That said, this is only one of the possibilities, there are no guarantees that the tablet will still work after even a single episode of total submersion.

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Is there a way to waterproof the iPad Pro?

Yes. The good news is that you can buy a waterproof case made specifically for the iPad Pro.

This case looks great and keeps your iPad Pro perfectly safe even if stays up to 6.6 ft (2 meters) under water, which is deep enough to guarantee the tablet’s integrity at the bottom of most swimming pools.


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As if being waterproof wasn’t enough, the case also protects the iPad Pro from fall damage, since it can sustain an impact from 4ft (1.21 meters) while keeping the tablet intact.

This is without a doubt one of the best investments you can make in case you’re one of those people who like to carry their iPad Pro around or even use it to listen to music while taking a shower.

There’s an important observation to be made here: many people take their iPads or their phones to the bathroom to listen to their favorite songs while taking a shower and believe that this kind of behavior won’t damage their device.

While it’s true that doing this for a few times may not cause any major problems, constant exposure to moisture will definitely cause your iPad to eventually stop working.

I’m not saying this because someone told me, but because I have lost an iPad exactly for this reason.


Is the iPad Pro water resistant?

This is a tricky question because water resistance is a particularly abstract concept and can be loosely used by companies.

While it’s possible to claim that the iPad Pro is water resistant due to the fact that the mere contact with some water (like rain) usually isn’t enough to damage the device, it’s utterly important to make a distinction between being water resistant and being waterproof.

Water resistant electronics are mostly protected from water damage as long as they’re not completely submerged, but this does not mean that they’re impermeable.

Let’s take the iPad Pro for example, minor splashes of water are not enough to get through its casing, even when the liquid falls directly on top of the “start button”. However, once the tablet falls into a recipient with water and stays there for a while, the pressure will cause the water to slowly make its way into the hardware causing electronic failure.

To be on the safe side, I highly recommend that you do your best to keep your iPad Pro away from liquids and excessive moisture even if it’s not an extreme situation like dropping in in a swimming pool.

It’s always good to use common sense. You wouldn’t use your laptop under the rain, so why risk your brand-new iPad Pro?


What should you do if your iPad Pro gets wet?

If your tablet has been exposed to more than light rain:

  • Immediately turn it off

  • Use a piece of cloth to dry the tablet completely

  • Let it rest for 3 minutes in an upright position

  • If more water comes out, dry the tablet again

  • Let it rest for two days inside a recipient filled with uncooked rice (make sure that the tablet is in an upright position)

  • Do not charge or turn on the tablet before two days have elapsed


Remember, you must wait for at least 48 hours before turning the device on again. I’m completely sure that you will want to test it earlier “just out of curiosity”, but by doing this you will definitely risk permanently damaging you iPad Pro.


Why is it important to leave the iPad Pro inside of a recipient with rice?

Some people believe that leaving wet electronics on rice is an urban legend, but it’s not.

Rice acts as a desiccant, meaning it has water absorption properties. It will act similarly to a magnet to the water inside of your device and increase the chances that it will get dry faster.

Now, of course that rice is not the only desiccant in the world, there are other options, but since dealing with a wet iPad Pro requires fast action, rice is the easiest option.


You must be asking yourself:


Alright, Bruno! I will use rice, but please tell me what else works as a “water magnet”?


The second most common desiccant is silica gel. It’ usually sold in the form of tiny little translucent balls that come in small packages when you buy clothes online.



While your iPad Pro should be just fine when exposed to some rain, dropping it in a tub or in a swimming pool requires immediate action.

Follow the steps mentioned in this article and control the urge to turn on your device before you let it sit in rice for at least 48 hours. Turning the iPad Pro earlier may cause a short-circuit and consequently irreparable damage.

In case you follow the tips on this post, you will substantially increase the likelihood that your iPad Pro will get out of this whole situation unscathed. Like I said before, there are no guarantees, but this article is your best shot and dealing with this delicate situation.

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